Rainy Days for a Park Slope Dog Walker

Stumbled upon this article today on Facebook:
“Brooklyn ACC is one of the highest kill facilities in the nation. This shelter is open 7 days a week for adoptions, but also kills animals every day of the week. Many of the dogs at Brooklyn Center are family pets who have been owner-relinquished and die after the stray period.
Hopefully, this new page
Brooklyn Fur Friends in Need will bring awareness to these animals and help some of them find homes. Rather than the sad and dejected photos of frightened animals dumped in cold, dark cells, Brooklyn Fur Friends spotlights the pets while being walked and socialized. “
Pulls at my heart strings, but remember, never adopt a dog unless you are positive that it a right fit for your family. Adopting a dog out of sympathy only will only be problematic for your family and the dog.
~The Brooklyn Dog Walker (Park Slope Dog Walker)